My name is Lea.

Wife of an artist, mama to two amazing kiddos, childhood apraxia of speech advocate, rescue doggy parent, punk rock, vintage adoring, Vans wearing, local farmers’ market supporting, film grain addicted, encaustic photography creating, vegetarian, wanderluster, lover of life, yogini with a side of craft beer, unapologetically myself.

I love deeply, crave new experiences constantly, and tolerate nothing less than kindness and authentic relationships with genuine people. I adore honest conversations more than small talk (feel free to cry in my presence -- I won’t leave you hanging… I’ll hug ya!). I want you to tell me how your heart is, because I care. Those deep down thoughts and emotions are what make humans so beautiful.

My best friend is my husband (Jose) who has been my partner for the last 18 years (married for 10 of those!). And of course, our kiddos (Maximilian & Oliver) are the inspiration, motivation, and life force behind every decision we make. Our family bond and quirky personalities are a truly magical combination.

I am always looking for ways to simplify and focus on the more meaningful aspects of life. I take leaps of faith when I feel a burning passion for a dream that just won’t quit. And, I try to live without regret. All of my experiences past and present are what have shaped me into the woman I am. I’m damn proud of who I am and what I offer my community and the world as an artist.

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“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive,
who is Youer than You.”