Lea is an incredibly talented photographer with a unique style and artistic vision. She has an amazing energy that inspires me over and over again, and her images are simply beautiful and genuine. Absolutely what I look for in a photographer and artist. I really can't recommend her enough! Absolutely amazing woman and photographer!Rachel G.


Lea is an artist who pours her heart and soul into each frame she captures and every piece she creates. She breathes life into inanimate objects… transforms mundane day-to-day moments into magical slices of life… and brings to light authentic human connections between people in love. Her genuine heart and selfless nature make her one of a kind; to know Lea, is to love her! Watch out though—her creativity, wanderlust spirit, and laughter are all highly contagious! I speak from experience; she gave me the travel bug and helped awaken some of my own creative spirits… and made me laugh until I cried!Karen Renee E.


Lea's photographs reflect the basic goodness of life, in still moments. They are a true art form, a portal into the sacred and beautiful. I haven't come close to a photographer who can do what she does. In each photograph, life unraveling. Bridgett M.


Lea's artistry lies in beautifully capturing moments between people. Not only is she highly skilled at the technical aspects of photography, she is talented at putting her subjects at ease in order to naturally bring out their personalities. She's a true professional.Kristy L.


Lea is an incredibly talented and passionate artist. She brings a love of photography to every photo shoot (we've used her services multiple times, and witnessed her work with others) that literally makes the subjects in the photos radiate. Her working knowledge of both photography and the editing process is sophisticated. Definitely check out her website to get a feel for her style...you'll be as moved as we continuously are by the emotion her work emits. Her work speaks for itself, but it certainly is quite the bonus that she is one of the most compassionate, joyful individuals out there: she truly values both the opportunity to engage in her art, and the opportunity to work with her customers. You will find her open and incredibly easy to work/communicate with, as she always put her clientele's best interests first.Adria B.


We absolutely loved the photos!!! You did an incredible job at capturing our relationship and personalities. Of course there are a few favorites (almost impossible to choose), and some amazing black and white photos, but you truly exceeded our expectations (and they were high seeing your other work)! There is no doubt in our mind that the photos taken on the wedding day will be stunning. After all the stress and head down hard work prepping for the wedding, that morning with you was just what we needed. Not to mention, the evening spent looking over the photos after a much deserved pizza, being another way in which you have helped us stay connected through all the hectic days of wedding prep.Craig G.


To put it simply, Lea is amazing. She is hard-working and PASSIONATE about her work. If you're looking for someone who is committed to making your photo session or event completely personal and the highest quality, then look no further. Lea photographed our proposal as well as our engagement session. It was important to us that our engagement pictures were "us" rather than just pretty pictures. Well, the pictures were very pretty, but they also told our story to a T. Lea spent so much time making sure the engagement session would be exactly how we wanted it to be and was so flexible during the shoot. She was willing to try anything we asked and also gave us great ideas that made very memorable photos. I highly recommend her! She will give you 110% and make sure your pictures will last a lifetime.Kourtney Y.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

-Alfred Eisenstaedt